Can Oral Botanica Classic clean the teeth although it is not foamy?

Yes, the active ingredients in Oral Botanica Classic dissolve and remove stains and dirt when you use it on your toothbrush. Foam is not needed at all for this oil based formulation. Foam is only needed if you use toothpastes which are always water based. As foam in toothpastes is generated by surfactants that cannot be always regarded as safe, the absence of such surfactants is one of the advantages of Oral Botanica Classic over toothpastes.

Should I use Oral Botanica Classic together with toothpaste or mouthwash?

No. Oral Botanica Classic has been designed as a ‘stand alone’ product and is both, safer and more effective than conventional toothpastes and mouthwashes. Use only Oral Botanica Classic as an oral care product.

Who should not use Oral Botanica Classic?

It is not suitable if someone is allergic to nuts (almond oil) or mints (peppermint oil, spearmint oil).

Is Oral Botanica Classic safe for long term use?

Yes. It uses 100% organic food grade ingredients. It contains no synthetic chemicals, not even in traces. This is a great advantage over chemicals laden toothpastes and mouthwashes.

What does food grade mean?

It means the oils are of a quality that is considered safe to be used in food according to FDA.

Is Oral Botanica Classic safe for the enamel?

Yes, because it does not contain any abrasive substances such as silica nor does it contain any acidic substances that might chemically attack the enamel.

Is Oral Botanica Classic effective although it contains no synthetic chemicals?

It is highly effective. As it is oil based, Oral Botanica Classic penetrates into the gums very fast and unfolds its potential inside the gums. This is another advantage over conventional toothpastes, mouthwashes and antiseptic gels which are water based.

How does Oral Botanica Classic eliminate bad breath?

In most cases bad breath is caused by waste products of bacteria. Unlike common breath fresheners that just cover up the bad breath, Oral Botanica Classic kills the bacteria thus eliminating the root cause of the bad breath.

I feel a burning sensation when using Oral Botanica Classic. Is it normal?

Yes, it is normal in the beginning (first one or two weeks). Bear with it and continue using Oral Botanica Classic.

Can Oral Botanica Classic remove tartar?

No. There is no oral care product and no toothbrush that can remove tartar. Only your dentist can do this and remove the hard scaling. However, Oral Botanica Classic is very effective in cleaning the teeth from plaque, and it significantly slows down the further build-up of plaque if you use it at least twice a day. You can expect to extend the intervals between two professional dental cleanings if you use Oral Botanica Classic.

How often should I use Oral Botanica Classic if I have bleeding or receding gums?

It is recommended to use it three times a day. But please keep in mind: The first step is always to have your dentist remove the tartar. As long as your gums are exposed to hard scaling, no substantial improvements can be expected. After the dentist has completed the cleaning process, Oral Botanica Classic can become fully effective.

How long does a 15ml bottle last?

It lasts for about 3 months if one person uses it.