Prima Taste

Prima Taste Chilli Crab Lamian 200g

  • Prima Taste Chilli Crab Lamian 200g

Prima Taste

Prima Taste Chilli Crab Lamian 200g

  • A signature Singaporean dish that is known worldwide for its gastronomic blend of sweet, spicy and tangy flavours juxtaposed against an umami-rich base of seafood and egg, Experience Singapore with every bite!

    • A Quick Proper Meal In 6 Mins
    • Using Premium Prima Taste Paste(Not Seasoning Powder)
    • Steamed Non-Fried Premium Noodle
    • Robust Authentic Taste

    How To Use?:

    1. Prepare 2 pots:
      Fill first pot with 500 ml of water for cooking noodles.
      Fill second pot with water for heating up unopened packets of Chilli Crab Flavoured Sauce. Bring both pots of water to boil. 

    2. Add noodles into first pot and boil for 6 mins。At the same time,add 2 unopened packets of Chilli Crab Flavoured Sauce into second pot and leave to boil till noodles are cooked.

    3. Mix Chilli Crab Flavoured Sauce with 3 tablespoons of noodle water in a bowl. Then,remove only noodles from pot and add to bowl. Mix well. Chilli Crab Flavoured LaMian is ready to serve。

    For a more indulgent meal,at Step 2,you may add uncooked fresh seafood to the first pot at the 5th min.

    Ingredients: Noodle / Lamian(50%)
    Wheat Flour,Salt,Acidity Regulators(Sodium Carbonate,Disodium Phosphate)

    Chilli Crab Flavoured Sauce
    Prawn Stock(17.89%)
    [Water, Prawn Shell,Vegetable Oil(Palm Olein), Shallot,Prawn,Carrot,Celery, Ginger,Chilli,Salt]
    Chilli(6.4%)Pasteurised Egg,Sugar,Tomato Sauce [Sugar Tomato Paste,Vinegar Salt, Thickener (Acetylated Distarch Adipate), Spices],Shallot,Garlic,Peanut, Onion,Chicken Stock(Chicken,Water,Corn Oil,Chicken Fat,Leek, Onion, Chinese Celery,Carrot, Ginger),Spring Onion,Sesame Oil,Salt,Peanut Oil, Anchovy Fish,Thickener(Hydroxypropyl Starch),Imitation Vinegar [Water Acidity Regulator(Diluted Acetic Acid)],Artificial Crab Flavour,Torch Ginger Bud,Turmeric,Chinese Celery,Ginger,Salted Soya Bean Paste (Water Soya Bean,Salt,Sugar,Wheat Flour),White Pepper Powder, Dried Shrimp,Lemon Crass,Chilli Powder Thickener (Acetylated Distarch Adipate), Vegetable Oil (Palm Olein), Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum)