Botanica Culture

Botanica Culture Organic Tea Tree Oil 15ml

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  • Botanica Culture Organic Tea Tree Oil 15ml

Botanica Culture

Botanica Culture Organic Tea Tree Oil 15ml

HKD185.00 HKD170.00 -8%
  • Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil is an antifungal and antibacterial agent, which is very effective to fight germs. It is used to treat cuts, minor burns, athlete’s foot, and insect bites. It helps to treat bacterial and fungal infections, gum infections, acne, head lice, eczema, vaginal yeast infections, colds, pneumonia, and other respiratory illnesses. To treat skin infections, the oil can be applied directly to the skin or in diluted form using cotton swabs.

    Country of origin: Australia 

    10 ways to use Organic Tea Tree Oil

    1. To treat yeast infection

    Mix 5 drops tea tree essential oil, 5 drops lavender essential oil with 20 drops olive oil. Using a cotton swab, dab the blend on the affected parts of body.

    2. To relieve Psoriasis

    Rub a few drops of tea tree oil, diluted in a little olive oil, into your psoriasis patches several times a day. It is useful for relieving itch and softening plaques.

    3. To treat Chicken Pox

    Blend a few drops of tea tree essential oil with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and use a cotton swab to apply the oil to sores two or three times a day.

    4. To relieve Staph Infection

    Caused by Staphylococcus bacterial infections on wounds - Just Dab 2-3 drops of tea tree oil on the boil several times a day.

    5. To soothe sores

    Using a cotton swab, dab a single drop of tea tree oil directly on the sore. Avoid areas near your eyes and mouth.

    6. Eliminate Toe fungus

    Once or twice a day - everyday applying a drop or two of 100 percent organic tea tree oil to the discolored nail. Be careful not to apply tea tree to the skin, because undiluted tea tree oil may be irritating.

    7. To treat Acne

    Dilute 5 drops of tea tree oil with 20-40 drops of witch hazed, and apply to skin once or twice a day with a cotton swab. Avoid the sun when you apply tea tree oil.

    8. To soften dry cuticles

    Tea tree oil is a proven fungus fighter, while lavender is anti-inflammatory and healing oil fo either or both.

    Mix 2 table spoon olive oil, 10 drops tea tree oil and 10 drops lavender oil.

    Before using the cuticle oil, shake the bottle well, then massage a few drops into your nails and cuticles daily to soften your cuticles and prevent them from splitting.

    9. To relieve Athlete's Foot

    A study shows that tea tree oil is very effective in remedying athlete's foot. It relieves burning, itching, inflammation, and scaling. Add a few drops to a tablespoon of witch hazel and apply to the affected area with a cotton swab three times a day. Caution: In rare cases skin inflammation may develop. In this case, stop applying tea tree oil.

    10. To remove makeup

    For normal to dry skin, mix 50ml canola oil with 10 drops of tea tree oil in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid and shake well. Store in a cool, dark place. To use, saturate a cotton ball with the oil and sweep over your face to remove makeup. Rinse well with warm water and follow with a toner.

    This information is presented for informational purposes and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness.

    Caution: If pregnant, suffering from any medical condition, or taking medication, consult a health care practitioner before use.

    • Avoid eyes and mucus membranes
    • Dilute properly
    • May irritate skin
    • Not for internal use
    • Keep out of reach of children
    Remarks: One years shelf life before open, use within 6 months once it is opened.